Essential for a successful marriage.

1. Belief in God

2. Self-confidence, with positive determination to face and work through life's problems

3. Self-discipline and self-control, including reasonable control over bodily appetites, thoughts, temper, and personal relationships.

4. Ambition and purpose, including positive short-range and long-range life goals, and experience in responsible work

5. Willingness to admit mistakes, take responsibility for them, and profit by them

6. Mature ideas about how to handle money and things

7. Love, respect, and appreciation for one's home and family

8. Respect and appreciation of personal and individual rights, dignity, and freedom of others with the ability to look beyond their weaknesses to their strong qualities

9. A sense of humor, including the ability to laugh at oneself

10. A balanced view of sex, being neither ascetic nor hedonistic

11. Contentment and happiness

(These qualities should also be considered in selecting a dating partner:

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