We do not lose heart.   2Corintians 4:4-18

Cleaning Out the Flies

It’s strange how know some Christians handle their sins. They know that Jesus paid the penalty, but somehow they can’t let go of the guilt.

Always on Duty

 The apostle Paul told the Ephesians elders that they too could never take a vacation from shepherding God’s people (Acts 20).

An Exercise in Godliness

 It’s better to concentrate on godliness, because it holds promise for this life and the life to come .Bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things.


An unknown author wrote this prayer about encouraging others: “O God, wherever I go today, help me leave heartpritns! Heartprints of compassion, understanding, and love.


Jesus, who we now know to be God, humbled himself by not only taking on the appearance of a man, but going even further to sit on a donkey.


In our bible study and subsequent discussion, we studied the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 in the book of Matthew (14:13-21). Many Christians know of this story and are able to recite it with lit