Books that makes spiritual men

The Bible, God’s written Word, has withstood the passing of the centuries and the criticism of its detractors.

Never Too Busy

We may not always feel that God is listening, but He is. He cares, and He will respond.


We often spend lots of time and energy building our own little ‘castles’ of stuff and basking in our accomplishments. It all may seem worthwhile, but in the end it’s worthless.

Nothing is more powerful than

In 1 John 4, the word love occurs 27 times, and God’s love through Christ is cited as the source of our love for God and for others.


We must rely on God to have the ultimate say about evildoers. “They shall soon be cut down like the grass” (Ps. 37:2).

We should take David’s approach to respond to the envious people:


 Before the prodigal son started eating with pigs, he had a warm bed, a rich inheritance, a loving father, a secure future-and probably good food. But it wasn’t enough, He wanted “fun”.


 We do not lose heart.   2Corintians 4:4-18

Cleaning Out the Flies

It’s strange how know some Christians handle their sins. They know that Jesus paid the penalty, but somehow they can’t let go of the guilt.

Always on Duty

 The apostle Paul told the Ephesians elders that they too could never take a vacation from shepherding God’s people (Acts 20).

An Exercise in Godliness

 It’s better to concentrate on godliness, because it holds promise for this life and the life to come .Bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things.