Dear Prayer Partner,

Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

This web ministry is exclusively for those who seek meaning and purpose in life through Jesus Christ. Also for those who are struggling in the troubled waters of life.

As you face the heartaches of life, it’s only by complete confidence in goodness and plan of God that you can overcome. The things that could destroy you can become building blocks on the journey of faith as you look for the hand of God in all circumstances.” This is the victory that had overcome the world-our faith” (1John 5:4)

If you have never confessed your sin and trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, life can be a jumble of confusion. But the One who gave Himself for your failures can bring rightness with God, forgiveness of sin, and a new sense of wholeness and purpose into your weary soul. Christ came into the world because of His love for you, and that love can bring an end to the emptiness or bitterness or sinfulness that wracks your life. Accept by faith the gift of eternal life and personal forgiveness He offers, for the only way to really overcome forever is to accept the victory of Calvary that He accomplished for you.

Put your faith in Jesus Christ, to perform what He had promised.

We are greatly indebted to you for your fervent prayers and insightful feedback through these years. Those inspiring and encouraging words have been replenished new strength to go forward and claim new frontiers.

We look forward to your feedback on future programs and encourage you to share your thoughts and testimony.

Please uphold us and the ministry in your prayers, once again, thank you.

Be blessed!

Yours in Christ’s Name,
Dr. A. P. George Achan.