God's Grace

How Deep is God’s Grace?

God’s grace is so deep, you can never contain it.

So wide, you can never explain it.

So deep you can never see its beginning,

So wide, you can’t see its ending.

So deep, you can’t comprehend it,

So wide, you can’t ever end it.

So good, you can hardly believe it,

So great, you can only receive it.

So free, you can never earn it,

So amazing, you will never return it.

How Deep Is God’s Grace?

Deep enough to cover the deepest sin. Because of Jesus, it’s wide enough to erase it from God’s “memory,” in that He no longer holds it to our account.

We are forgiven!

His grace is deep enough to cover every prison cell in every country. It’s wide enough to envelop the blackest heart. It’s big enough to embrace you forever.

But it’s a gift, and must be received.

Thank you Lord for forgiving me when I can’t forgive myself

*(Rebecca Barlow Jordan)