Goodness of God

“I would have lost heart, unless I had believed That I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living”— Psalm 27:13

It was Jesus himself who said that '"In the world you will have tribulation"' (John 16:33) and it was the Apostle Paul himself who said that "all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution" (II Timothy 3:12). We should not be surprised, then, if we encounter these things in life. Nevertheless, we should not ask God for tribulations and we should not believe God for persecutions.

Instead, we should ask and believe for good. We should believe that good is going to happen. In the words of our verse for today, we should believe that we will "see the goodness of the Lord." The Lord has made many promises in the Bible that good of various kinds will come to those who love Him. We should ask and believe the Lord for the fulfillment of these promises. We should have faith and hope in the goodness of the Lord.

 David did not believe the Lord for good only in the next life, but for good in this life. He did not lose heart and give in to fear and dread about tribulations and persecutions because he placed his faith in the God who can come through with good things.

Although we live in a world full of trials, troubles, and tribulations, we should look to the Lord in faith for victory despite the evil. Although Jesus told us that in the world we would have tribulations, He also told us to '"be of good cheer, I have overcome the world"' (John 16:33). In Christ we are overcomers and we should put our faith to work by expecting to overcome.

Today, then, do not lose heart and give up. Instead, expect to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Expect to see good things come from the Lord.

Dear Father,

My heart and mind are flooded with fears.

Yet I hold onto your truth. You have told us not to fear, for you have overcome the world.

So I cling to you, I trust in your promises, that you will never fail me, never forsake me.

I know that you have risen again. In you all promises meet and new life begins.

You are my Savior, I hide in you, Protected by your love, And sheltered by your grace.

(Bible league international & common prayer)