O absalom, my son!

Anguish of David: “O Absalom, my son, my son!”

The Encroachment of the World-3

The times they are a’changing. Yes, and drastically so. Youngsters these days are brutalized with the carnality of the world at increasingly tender years. More and more of the church’s youth are exposed to the dangers of drugs and alcohol in these waning days of the 21st century. Television, with its overflow of lustful explicity has broken down the barrier of sexual purity. Many of our young people are accustomed to look nudity in the movies and on TV. Once many of these teens have lost their innocence, and tasted the tempting pleasures of enjoyment, it will be morally impossible to bring them back to godliness.
Lord,  protect our Youth and bless them in all areas of their lives.
(Wayne Jackson)